Seaside square of Aegialis, Amorgos island

“Landscape Roidis” team was invited by the Municipality for the redesign Aegiali’s seafront area, was tasked with conserving the old waterfront and bringing about a positive change through redevelopment of the physical and economic environment, preserving in the same time the typical Cycladic architectural morphology and typology. Development included the restoration of the waterfront itself, the redesign of the waterfront piazza and the public spaces, serving scheduled ships and tourist activities, as well as enhanced vehicular and pedestrian circulation. Redesign of the waterfront’s edge highlights the traditional Cycladic village of Aegiali and provides a venue for outdoor activities. LANDSCAPE ROIDIS’s role was to facilitate the landscape design process through its urban planning and design expertise. Therefore the LRA studio proposes with the landscape design the pedestianazation of all spaces, except the road axis. The space between the street and the upper square is filled from 45cm to 60cm depending on the area. This elevation in relation to the ex-isting altitude serves to drain the torrent waters below the plane of the square, as well as the surface drainage of the square. The square itself is paved with local stones, in a local pattern. An open circular area with special paving is proposed in the centre of the square for summer celebrations and dancing . Water features, tree planting and pergolas give shade, aesthetic pleasure and coolness during the summer months.

LOCATION: Aegiali waterfront, Amorgos island, Greece
CLIENT: Amorgos Municipality
LANDSCAPE + ARCHITECT: “Landscape Roidis”

  • Haris Roidis, Landscape Architect
  • Michael Roidis, Architect, Msc
  • Sabriela Kazazi, Architect

SCOPE: Concept Design, Master Plan, Detail Design, BoQ
AREA:  m2
CONSTRUCTION: under construction